Why learn an Asian language?

The global society on the same stringSouth East Asia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, The Republic of Korea and China are becoming increasingly important to New Zealand. New Zealand has expanded from being the little Britain of the South Pacific to being a country closely tied to the Asia-Pacific region.

A great way to learn about Asian cultures and communication is by learning the languages. Learning a language is not just about speaking something other than your native tongue, but teaches other valuable lessons, directly or subconsciously!

Language learning makes up part of our own education in being a global citizen, and is such an essential part of developing cultural awareness, understanding, and empathy for others. For example, you learn to understand why things are said or communicated differently…and it’s not because a people of another culture are trying to be rude! The less one understands about a culture or people, the more one should increase their effort in learning about it 😉

Are you keen to give learning an Asian language a go? We’re happy to be offering conversational Mandarin at Ni Hao Children’s Community and want to make language learning an enjoyable family activity.  Please contact us if you’re interested in joining us 🙂

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