Crazy pineapples! 🍍

We’ve just wrapped up another fun Mandarin Play holiday program!

Over the three days, the children aged 5-10 worked together to come up with a play plot, script and props, while Qiubo was there to facilitate!

They also had fun playing games in Mandarin and hearing the books they brought from home read in Mandarin too.

The children renamed their holiday program group as the Crazy Pineapples, and their storyline for the play went like this:

  • There was a group of horses and snakes
  • The snakes kept chasing after the horses and chased them all home
  • Once the horses were at home, they found out the snakes had stolen all their food
  • The cleverest snake then throw in a bomb to their house
  • The horses chased after the snakes, and chased them into a lake
  • The snakes drowned and died, apart from one snake, who escaped and threw raspberries (the fruits) at the horses
  • The horses were allergic to the raspberries!
  • They had to dance it out to get rid of the allergic reaction (they danced to a popular Mandarin children’s song)
  • Then they all fell asleep, woke up and found out it was all a dream.

Some snapshots of the “paperwork” are below!

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