Years 1 to 8

Learning by Doing, in full language immersion

Suitable for children aged 5.5 years (an established Year 1) and above

These 50-minute classes provide full immersion in the language so that the children learn and absorb in a Mandarin Chinese speaking environment. Your child will learn Mandarin Chinese as an Additional Language at our practical, fun and interactive classes. These classes are grouped into:

  • Beginners – children from any cultural background who are new to the language.
  • Intermediate – child has had some exposure to Mandarin previously or has  limited exposure to it at home.

Through games, fun activities, hands-on tasks and role-playing, the children will pick up Mandarin Chinese and have the chance to practice it with their classmates. The classes are learner-centred and relevant to everyday situations. English may only be used by the teacher to explain something that is conceptually difficult.

The emphasis of these classes will be to develop listening, comprehension and conversational skills in Mandarin Chinese. The classes also introduce recognition and reading of Chinese characters, in a practical way. This is not a writing class, but we are able to provide the relevant curriculum books for purchase and practice at home.

There is a maximum of 8 children per class. Children can be dropped off to class and picked up after by a pre-authorised adult, however parents/caregivers are welcome to join in the class, and may sometimes be asked to help with props or be actors!

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