Wilford School

Last updated 2 February 2018

We have parents who are very keen to start an after school School Kids Level 1 Beginners class in the Hutt Valley. Wilford School has been proposed as one venue.

The school would like classes to be held on Thursdays. Children from other schools are welcome but Wilford School children have first priority.

After school classes may start at about 3:15pm at the School Library, with the Ni Hao Children’s Community teacher present from 3pm. If there is a lot of interest from children outside of Wilford School, the class may need to start at 3:20-3:30pm to allow others to travel there.

Classes are for 70 minutes and include a variety of songs/raps, conversation, story time, writing and language sports games or school yard games.

The class needs a group of at least 6 school children to start, but ideally 8-10 children, who are able to commit to classes for the whole school year. The programme is intended to be a one-year programme, so children are not able to just start the same class mid-way through the way as classes will have progressed a lot by then.

Note that all of Ni Hao Children’s Community classes and curriculum are designed for learning Mandarin Chinese as an additional / foreign language, with no Mandarin background, for children aged 5.5 to 13 years old. 5 year old children may only begin this class if they are turning 6 in the 2018 calendar year. Parents are welcome to stay in class to learn Mandarin as well (for free!). You can read more about the School Kids classes on our website.

School fees are $155 / term, + $10 photocopying charge. Wilford School has indicated that they will be charging for use of the space, so we will be passing this charge onto students (exact amount to be confirmed). More fee details and discounts are on the Enrol page.

Are you keen to join us? Please complete the Wilford School interest form by Friday 16 February 5pm, and hopefully we’ll have sufficient numbers to start up something. Ideally, we’d like to have a class started by Thursday 22 February! : )