Conversational Mandarin Chinese for Adults

For ages 18 years and above

Learn a language in a way that is relevant to  you!

These 1 hour classes provide immersion in the language so that that you learn and absorb in a Mandarin Chinese speaking environment. You will learn Mandarin Chinese as an Additional Language at our practical, fun and interactive classes.

Through games and role-playing, you will pick up Mandarin Chinese and have the chance to practice it with your classmates. The classes are learner-centred and relevant to everyday situations. English may be used by the teacher to explain something that is conceptually difficult.

The emphasis of these classes will be to develop listening, comprehension and conversational skills in Mandarin Chinese. The classes also introduce recognition and reading of Chinese characters, in a practical way. This is not a writing class, but we are able to provide the relevant curriculum books for purchase and practice at home.

For revision during the week, each Adults class will have its own WhatsApp group with the teacher to practise speaking and listening.

Register online for an Adults class in Term 4, 2017:

Friday lunchtime sessions, 12:30-1:30pm, BizDojo, Tory Street, Te Aro.

Interested in a lunchtime class at your workplace? Contact us and we’ll see what we can do for you!

Saturday afternoon sessions, 2:30-3:30pm, Lifepoint Church, Hopper Street, Mt Cook, Wellington.

What do lessons cover?

We focus on teaching Mandarin Chinese as a conversational language, and use the following textbooks as our curriculum:

1) Conversational Chinese 301 – We learn the 301 most essential conversational sentences, “encompassing 30 communicative functions such as ”Greetings” and ”Making an Acquaintance”, including”800 new words and the fundamentals of Chinese grammar”.

Volume 1 includes 20 lessons covering:

  • Greetings & responses (including How do you do? How are you? Are you busy with your work?), Tones of Mandarin.
  • Making an acquaintance (May I know your name, Let me introduce,…)
  • Making an inquiry (When is your birthday, How many people are there in your family,, What time is it now, Where do you live, Where is the post office,
  • Needs (I want to buy some food, I want to buy a sweater, I have to change buses, I want to change money, I want to take a picture)
  • Appointments and outings (going to the opera, going to the zoo,…)
  • Courteous chatter (did you have a tiring trip, you are welcome, let’s have a toast..).

Volume 2 includes 20 lessons covering:

  • Inviting and declining
  • Apologies and regret
  • Praise
  • Congratulations
  • Persuasion
  • Comparison
  • Hobbies
  • Languages
  • Travelling
  • Seeing a doctor
  • Paying a visit
  • Departing and farewells

2) New Practical Chinese Reader – The book “introduces Chinese customs and culture used in daily life by telling some interesting stories of several foreign students living in China and the friendship they develop with their Chinese friends and teachers”. Victoria University of Wellington use these as their textbooks for their Chinese language subject.

301 Conversational Chinese book New Practical Chinese Reader 1.jpg