Market Day

Our first Market Day started in 2018 as a way to combine our Programmes with the Masterchef concept and provide our students with learning and practice in a fun and social way. It has been a great way of meeting and working with students from other classes, and to bring the families and wider community together.


Student Participant Overview Handout For Market Day 2019

1) You will have a “Masterclass” in food preparation and Mandarin Chinese language from the teachers.

2) Work with your Masterchef team to order your chosen ingredients from the teacher’s stalls and make your best noodle meals and fruit kebabs.

3) Run your Masterchef team stall together and sell your team’s food to families and friends attending the event.

Masterchef teams will be judged by:

1) Language use: The teachers will be observing how much Mandarin is spoken by everyone in the team during preparation.

2) Tastiness and presentation of your food: This will be decided by your families and friends attending! They will be making their “People’s Choice” by what they purchase on the day.

The winning Masterchef team will go home with prizes! There are also yummy spot prizes for those we can see are trying really hard and making extra efforts to use Mandarin.

Want to join in with the fun?

Please register for the event and we will put you into a Market Day Masterchef team of mixed ages and abilities. There will be 4 teams again this year (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow).

Registration opens on Monday 16 September 9am and closes Monday 30 September 5pm.

Participant fee:
The fee includes the “Masterclass” and your lunch for the day (noodle dish + 2 fruit kebabs dipped in chocolate!).

$15 per student for Currently enrolled School Age and Prep students.
$30 per student for Previously enrolled School Age students.

$10 for currently enrolled Early Learners students (includes attendance of one caregiver). The Early Learners will have a separate Mini-Masterchef team.

Notes: (1) We will be asking for the help of two parent volunteers per School Age Masterchef team. The Early Learners Mini-Masterchef team will have one caregiver/parent per child. (2) All participants will need to bring their own apron, rolling pin, vegetable peeler, kitchen scissors (please name-label items).