We believe that language learning should be made as accessible as possible to everyone in our community.

We are providing full scholarships for children (and their parent/s) to attend either an Early Learners class or a Kids Year 1 to Year 8 class.

In 2018, there are five scholarships available for the Early Learners level and five scholarships for the Kids Year 1 to Year 8 level.

The scholarship entry criteria is that the family hold a valid community services card for the year or are very financially constrained, but will be committed to classes and supporting their children in their learning.

A scholarship is a wonderful opportunity to start opening up your child’s world of language and cultural awareness! These are 100% fully funded scholarships – the class fees themselves are valued at $540-680!

Scholarship children/families are required to attend a full year of classes. Textbooks will also be provided to the Year 1 to 8 free of charge as part of the scholarship. Scholarship students can choose any class session to attend, subject to availability and approval.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in learning Mandarin Chinese but is constrained by finances and holds a Community Services Card, please apply online via the scholarship application form below. All applications will be held in confidence.