Class Guidelines

1) Please put coats and shoes together with your bags in the allocated area. This keeps the class area clean, dry and clutter free. We also remove our shoes as our classes involve movement and we don’t want children’s feet trampled by other children’s (or adults’) shoes.

2) Please keep social conversations with others to before or after the class, so that the children aren’t distracted and the teacher doesn’t have to be talking over the adults.

3) Adults, your interest and involvement is one of the most important things!

Early Learners class: Adults, please participate! 🙂 You are an important role model for your child. Your enthusiasm and participation in our activities is valuable. Please give everything a go, imitate the teacher, sing a long (or hum!) and join in. Enthusiastic and attentive adults make a positive difference to your child’s learning and the class dynamics. It is quite noticeable how the class environment changes when adults don’t participate or take interest. Our teachers will also appreciate your singing support 🙂

Prep and School Kids class: Adults can sit inside the room to one side to quietly watch the class and absorb the learning.

4) Please switch your cell phone onto silent and answer calls outside of the classroom.

5) Visitors: Please let all visitors e.g. grandparents know about the guidelines so that visits don’t disrupt the class / children’s learning.

Adult visitors are expected to participate in the Early Learners class if it is a small group as some young children do not understand why a adult is sitting away of the group and not participating, and the children will get distracted by that.

Please let the office know if you want to bring child visitors to class. Please book with the office in advance if you want to bring a child for a trial lesson, so that our teachers can plan for it and ensure there are enough materials/props for everyone. All other child visitors are welcome to quietly observe from the side.

6) It is very important to please feed your child before class so that they can focus on the class activities. Please keep drink bottles, food and toys inside bags. There is no eating and drinking during class so that children can focus. For the ones still being breastfed, feel free to breast/bottle feed at the side of the classroom if your baby needs a feed.

7) For Prep and School Kids drop off classes: Please arrive 5 minutes before class ends to pick up your child. We run classes close together and/or have to vacate class venues, so our teachers are not able to wait with your child.

8) Please keep sick children at home so that we don’t spread sicknesses around. Feel free to email the office to arrange a make up class.

9) Allow your children to learn at their own pace. It is normal for Early Learners to not sing too much in class, so don’t worry! 🙂 If they are shy and just want to watch, they are still learning and absorbing it all. Note that if children become disruptive or are not in a good mood that day, it is advised that they sit out of activities and just observe the class with you from the side.

10)  Do chat to us about how your child is doing with their learning. We love hearing stories of children and their spontaneous Mandarin singing and/or speaking at home or in the car! 😀 Please also share your compliments and constructive feedback with us – you are most welcome to contact the office directly if you do not feel comfortable discussing feedback with the teaching staff.