Language = communication and social interaction. Let your children learn Mandarin Chinese in this way!

Ni Hao Children’s Community is an Independent Language Education Programme providing Non-Mandarin Chinese speaking families the chance for their children to learn Mandarin Chinese through group social interaction and experiences.

Why? Mandarin Chinese is often taught in a strict, academic way – and as parents, we know this won’t necessarily support or encourage our children to learn the language, whilst growing up in a Non-Mandarin speaking family in a predominantly English-speaking country.

Our Programme provides your child the opportunity to discover Mandarin Chinese as a Foreign Conversational Language with their peers or family. Your child will learn in a way that is meaningful and relevant to them, with social interaction, conversation, games, song and movement in Mandarin. Learning takes place in a full immersion group class environment. Our Programme does not use crafts and colouring in activities in class time as these do not develop conversational language skills.

We acknowledge and appreciate the huge diversity of the Chinese language, culture and people around the world. Our Programme supports a wider Global view, not a mainland-China only focus.

Our Programme welcomes families from any Non-Mandarin Chinese speaking background and have various native languages in our community, including English, Te Reo Māori, French, Spanish, Korean, Turkish, Russian, Romanian, Cantonese and Tagalog.

Your child’s learning journey with us

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Supporting Mandarin learning in a non-Mandarin home

It's important to support your child's learning at home, so visit our YouTube Channel for class revision and more Mandarin!

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  • He keeps asking me to take him to ‘Ni Hao’! He enjoys going there and loves the songs so much. He wants to sing them every night before bed. 🙂

    Esther, mother of a 2 year old boy
  • …very interactive and fun. My boys enjoy it a lot and don’t even notice that they are immersed in Mandarin!

    Alison, mother to two school aged boys
  • Everyone loves the (Stories & Rhymes!) sessions!

    Wellington City Libraries
  • We like that it’s Interactive and fun, the parent can stay to observe and learn along, and that it is a small group.

    Connie, mother to three school aged children
  • The boys like the games, the teacher’s attitude and being able to repeat previous weeks’ learning. I also like that it’s a small learning group.

    Tina, mother to two school aged boys
  • We like the more modern teaching, interactive style, and being able to sit with our child.

    Warren, father to a 4 year old boy
  • I think you guys do a great job. The cost is very affordable when you compare that to what we pay for dance and music and yet you offer so much resources, all of which so creatively executed to hold and maintain the kids’ attention….(I also) like that it’s friendly and inviting.

    Raewyn, mother to a 4 year old girl
  • We love Ni Hao Children’s Community – we hear her singing so often!

    Anne, mother of a 3 year old girl
  • We love the classes!!!

    Pip, mother of two school aged boys