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2020 Level 2+ class song /project: Shotgun by George Ezra

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The students of Level 2 and above will be learning George Ezra’s Shotgun song in Mandarin Chinese as the class song / project for 2020! It’s very catchy…

Here is the English version, to get the tune into mind, and we will be sharing our own translated lyrics and Mandarin audio files with students soon.


Quarantine reminder

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Mandatory Quarantine for recent travellers to China
Hi everyone!

Anyone who has travelled to the People’s Republic of China for holiday or transit (to be clear, this excludes Taiwan) from 1 December 2019 until now, or has been living with with someone who has, MUST stay away from our classes for at least 14 days.

Anyone with any flu-like symptoms should also stay away from classes until they are well.

We are taking very conservative precautions as we don’t want to take any risks!

Our current staff in Wellington have not been near China in this period. We will have a couple of relief teachers observing school tomorrow from 9am – 12:30pm. Both have not been near China recently either.

School class roll lists for 2020 & enrolment

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On a roll and I’m thankful for a public holiday to get through things!

Your child’s 2020 level was included in their 2019 end of year Report and here is a reminder of where they should be.

There are 2 different class times for the Prep and Level 3 classes due to the larger student numbers at these levels for 2020, so please enrol into the one that would work best for your family for the year. First come, first served!


Please enrol online here: (ONLY returning families can enrol directly with us, all prospective or new families must register for a trial first).

As per 2019, enrolments are for a full school year, but fee payments are term by term. We are not taking any credit card payments, so if EnrolMy provide a credit card option, please ignore that. Only bank transfers per the charity’s account details on the invoice will be accepted. Please see our Fees page for payment dates too.

We have a backlog of people waiting to trial classes for 2020, but I don’t want to start that until returning families have done their 2020 enrolment and we know the remaining spaces available in each class.

Talk to your children about it…

Please assure your children that not moving up a level is not to be seen as a bad thing! The teachers have observed and assessed the children during the Term 4 classes in 2019. If the children don’t seem confident enough in the year’s materials, we prefer they are provided with further grounding in the level than be pushed to the next one prematurely. (On the flip side, if you think your child is not being challenged enough, please let the teacher know!)

We know children and families have their own timetables and demands that also affect language learning progress. For my children, sports tournaments on Saturdays made them miss far too many classes last year. They were initially a little disappointed to stay in the same level. I explained and they felt better and understood that language is not as straight forward to learn and upkeep as it is for sports and swimming! And it’s in their best interests to be at a level that suits them best and builds their confidence! 🙂

School Rolls 2020

Early Learners:

  • Walter
  • Ming Cheng
  • Lucas
  • Charlotte
  • Sara
  • Xiao Ling


  • Emil
  • Annabelle
  • Isabella
  • George
  • Olympia
  • Misha
  • Zachary
  • Caitlin
  • Xavier
  • Phoebe

Level 1:

  • Elspeth
  • Declan
  • Amelia
  • Milan

Level 2:

  • Eleanor
  • Jet
  • Sienna
  • KJ
  • Leo
  • Calvin
  • Ryan

Level 3:

  • Jimmy
  • Ethan
  • Elyana
  • Eliza
  • Harriet
  • Hawea
  • Amelia Grace
  • Elizabeth
  • Tongtong
  • Maya
  • Angus
  • Xanthe

Level 4:

  • Matthew
  • Thomas
  • Medeah
  • Amanda
  • Caitlin
  • Gabriel

Please contact us if your child’s name is missing (hopefully it isn’t!).

Thanks & regards,
Li Ling, Ay Dih, Chien-Chi


Term 1 Update: School Year 2020 Schedule and Term Dates

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Phew! We have hopefully managed to find some help to cover Nan being stuck in China, but are still looking for more helpers and it’s still all a bit chaotic.

In the meantime, this post includes the schedule for the 2020 school year. Term dates follow after.

For families who were enrolled last year, Li Ling will send a mass email with a reminder of the class levels that your children should be attending in 2020. These levels were also included in the end of year Report that your child would have received in December.

Li Ling is also trying to get the enrolment system, EnrolMy, set up with the classes for the year. We will be asking families to enrol using this system, including all returning families as we do not know for certain which families are committing to 2020. Thank you so much for your patience!

We last used EnrolMy in 2018 and stopped as it was getting too complex. So, some families may still have accounts with EnrolMy and you just need to login again or reset your password. EnrolMy has been upgraded a fair bit and it looks like it will be easier for the teachers to keep track of students, take attendance, and communicate with class families with the upgraded system/app. Well, we hope anyway!! 😉

School Year 2020 Schedule

This schedule has been set for Term 1 2020 and is expected to remain the same for the entire school year. We may look at adding more classes later in the year depending on teacher availability and student demand.

The school runs on SATURDAYS during term time.

Early Learners (3 year olds and under, parent/caregiver accompanied):

  • Saturdays 9am-9:45am, Room 4

Prep (4 and 5 years olds, and School Year 1’s):

  • Saturdays 10am-10:55am, Room 4
  • Saturdays 11:40am-12:35pm, Community Room

School Years 2-8, Level 1:

  • Saturdays 9am-10:10am, Community Room

School Years 2-8, Level 2:

  • Saturdays 11:20am-12:30pm, Room 4

School Years 2-8, Level 3:

  • Saturdays 10:20am-11:30am, Community Room
  • Saturdays 2:50pm-4pm, Community Room

School Years 2-8, Level 4:

  • Saturdays 1:30pm-2:40pm, Community Room

School Term Dates

Term 1: Saturday 15 February to Saturday 4 April

Term 2: Saturday 2 May to Saturday 4 July

Term 3: Saturday 25 July to Saturday 26 September

Term 4: Saturday 17 October to Saturday 19 December.


Important Term 1 Update & Impact of Coronavirus

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新年快乐 🎆 xin nian kuai le! Happy new year!

❗️Important announcement: Due to the Coronavirus, having one teacher stuck in China’s lockdown, and the many complications that arise because of this, we will be changing the start date of Term 1 to Saturday 15th February.

We don’t know right now if we have to cancel classes due to the lack of teaching resource and are trying to figure how things will not only work for the start of term, but up to the end of Term 1, as we will potentially be missing one teacher until end-March / early-April due to flights stopping and subsequent quarantine measures.

The timetable is also yet to be confirmed and we hope to confirm something late this week.

Any registrations for observations or trials will be delayed in processing as we have to focus on getting classes organised first.

👉 Other changes happening:

🗓 For the enrolment process, families who can enrol for the full 4 terms will be prioritised first. Enrolments will be via the EnrolMy system in the future to assist with admin.

🧾 Fees will also be increasing by at least $10 per term as they have been too low for too long and cannot cover the amount of time being spent by staff on preparation and planning for the classes, or other overheads.

⚠️ We will also be putting further precautionary measures in place since we have a young community: any family who has visited China or had a member visit China in the past month will not be allowed to come to class until a 2-week period has passed.

🙏 We apologise for all of inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience. We will post further updates on our Facebook page.

Yours in language learning,
The team at Ni Hao Children’s Community


Welcome to Nan, a new member of our team!

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王楠 Wáng Nán started in November, and we’re really happy to have her as a teacher at Ni Hao Children’s Community and part of our team!! She has moved from Palmerston North to Wellington for this role too, which we are really grateful for.

Nan is a registered teacher in New Zealand, currently completing a postgraduate diploma in Education at Massey University, with eight years of language teaching experience and a well-rounded skill set from organisational and problem-solving skills to communication and management skill. 

She believes that learning is a lifelong process. Teachers should expose the students to experiences that allow them to test their understanding of knowledge and strengthen learning capabilities or encourage new learning skills to emerge. To make this happen, she strives to act as a guide instead of a lecturer in the class, offering her students various interactive learning activities to deepen their understanding of knowledge and opportunities to develop their learning skills in a stimulating and inspiring environment. She also believes that all students are unique and must have a stimulating educational environment where they can grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. Therefore, it is her desire to create this type of learning atmosphere where students can meet their full potential.  

A very warm welcome to Nan – you’ll be seeing more of her at school in 2020 🙂


Now recruiting for teachers!

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Applications are now open for our Mandarin Chinese Language Teacher roles! We are looking for two permanent part-time teachers to start in Term 4 and to also build a pool of on-call casual relief teachers.

Mandarin Chinese Language Teachers

Permanent Part-time and On-Call Casual Relief Positions

We’re looking for experienced, enthusiasticand creative educators to join our non-profit community language school. Enjoy working with children and making learning experiences relevant and fun? Passionate about languages? Have a good voice and don’t mind dancing to songs in front of children and parents? Looking for part-time employment? Flexible work hours and the ability to work from home?

For full details, please visit our Jobs page:


Upcoming job vacancies!

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We will be soon looking to fill these roles at Ni Hao Children’s Community charitable trust, a community-based Mandarin Chinese language school for non-native speakers. If you or someone you know may be interested, please contact us or share:

➡️ A part-time School Manager superstar. We need an all-rounder who has excellent communication & customer service skills, and experience with finance, marketing & student admin. Being cloud & tech-savvy is a must (Eg Xero, WordPress, Vimeo, Dropbox, Office365 suite, Mailchimp, MyHR, Zapier, Jotforms).

➡️ 2 to 3 permanent part-time Mandarin Chinese teachers, who are experienced in planning and teaching it as a 2nd/foreign language in an interactive & fun way! They should enjoy working with children from early childhood up to intermediate-high school, and be willing to sing/rap, play and dance with students in class.

➡️ 3 to 5 casual Mandarin Chinese teachers to be part of our on-call relievers pool. They won’t need to lesson plan but will be teaching the NiHaoCC way and provide seamless cover. This may suit tertiary students studying to be teachers.

* Note: While background work is done Monday to Friday, the school provides classes on Saturdays 9am-3pm during NZ school term times, so teachers must be available on Saturdays to work.


Stillness & concentration, but with social & playful fun too!

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Here are a few photos from today showing a time for stillness & concentration (writing section of the school aged kids classes) – it’s so quiet you can hear a pin drop! – and a time for fun & social play (the school yard game section, where children use Mandarin for play) – with the kids shouting in Mandarin! It’s great to be able to learn/teach a language in a well-rounded, holistic way 😊