NiHaoCC Last day of term party & farewell event, Sat 27th June

I hope everyone’s been well and happy Level 1!


Term 2 will be the last term of classes for 2020, under both the Current/Old and Proposed New Model that we had initial plans for.

End of Term Party / Farewell – Save the Date

The last official day of Term 2 is Saturday 27 June. Instead of classes, we will hold a Farewell Party from 11am to 1pm, at Lifepoint.

  • Party games in Mandarin for the kids (separate groups for the school aged and younger ones)
  • BYO Finger food
  • Garage sale (bring cash) – sale of all our pretend food, musical toys, dress ups, games (Guess Who, Twister, building blocks), Mandarin cartoons DVDs.
  • I’ll see if we can organise a coffee cart, ice cream van, or other cart. (Or let me know if you know anyone?)
  • Children can use this opportunity to bring thank you cards and drawings for the teachers.

I’ll ask if Lizzie can attend 🙂  Unfortunately, both Qiubo and Nan are in China still. We’ll also be extending the invitation to all ex-students and supporters.


The Board are currently looking at ways to support your children’s ongoing language learning and will be in touch with more information in the near future.

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