Return to in-person classes Sat 6 June

Hi all,
I’ll try to keep this shorter due to the email influx of school & activities all trying to restart!

Saturday 6 June:

  • In-person classes will begin at Lifepoint on 6 June. Times will be the same as current online times.
  • Early Learners classes will NOT re-start this term.
  • 6 June start is subject to Level 2 staying/reducing. We’ll email the week before to confirm in-person classes will start.
  • Prep classes in Room 4.
  • All School Age Levels are in the large Community Room at this stage.

Health & safety for in-person classes:

  • Students should bring their own water bottle, pencil case (pencils, eraser), booklet.
  • No food or personal toys are allowed in the classroom.
  • Students must wash their hands with soap before & after class.
  • If anyone is unwell, please do not come along to class.
  • Anyone 70 years and older is advised to stay away.

Sign in & contact tracing:

  • Parents do not enter / do not stay the classroom. Please drop off your children outside the classroom door. The exception is Prep class – one parent will be asked by the teacher to remain as back up assistance.
  • No sign in is needed. The teachers use the EnrolMy App to mark attendance and trace students.
  • You’re welcome to stay in the Lifepoint Room 1 to wait. Please do NOT use the Impact Room (the one with the lounge suite and tables).


  • Thanks for the payments so far. I’m aware some invoices are missing and will need to check up on these.

The teachers are really looking forward to seeing the children again 🙂

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