Last updated 27 January 2019

Effective from 2019

Annual Donations (tax deductible)

At least $25 per school year per child. This contributes towards some of the charity’s overheads (accountant, insurance, website & online costs, Xero, mobile prepaid credits, office expenses, PO Box). A donation receipt will be issued and donations are tax deductible. Please donate here: https://givealittle.co.nz/org/nihaocc


Early Learners | up to 4 years | 45 minute group class:

$540 for the 2019 school year ($135 per term)

+ $2.50 photocopying fee per term per child*

Prep |4 & 5 year olds / up to School Year 1 | 55 minute group class:

$580 for the 2019 school year ($145 per term)

+ $5 photocopying fee per term per child*

NZ School Year 2 and above | 70 minute group class:

$620 for the 2019 school year ($155 per term)

+ $5 photocopying fee per term per child*

*Note that one of the charity’s plans for 2019 is to look at developing a simple printed booklet for sale, which would contain the handouts and song sheets in one booklet for each term. This may only be be ready in late 2019 or early 2020.

Invoices & Payment

Invoices are for the full school year (4 terms, or pro rated if you began later). Choose to pay:

  • Term by term (payment due by the first week of each term) OR
  • Total invoice equally divided into an initial deposit and subsequent monthly direct debit payments (total invoice to be paid in full before Term 4 starts). Please note that an admin fee will be added to this plan due to the extra admin involved. The admin fee is currently set as an extra +15% of the total invoice.

Payment is by transfer to the charity’s bank account, with banking details provided on the invoices. All paid fees are non-refundable, but credits for future terms are available at our discretion.

Siblings Discount:  10% discount on term fees (not photocopying fees) for the younger sibling. Discounts only apply to full term enrolments (not partial terms) that are paid in full by the due date. Discounts are only available for enrolments made for the same term.

Parents: Parents are always able to attend their child’s class free of charge. Parents accompanying their children in the Early Learners class are expected to participate along with their child. Parents wishing to attend a Prep or School Year 2+ class are asked expected to sit at the back of the class quietly.

Late or Non-payment of school year invoices
If you are in arrears and no special arrangement has been made with the office beforehand, the debt will be referred to a debt collector and you will bear all debt collection costs.

Withdrawals & Refunds
To withdraw from the school year and programme entirely, a parent must give at least 4 weeks advance notice in writing via email to enable us to offer the space to another student and adjust accounts. Term fees during the 4 week notice period are non-refundable. This is because the teachers would have already been contracted and committed to the time involved.