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2020 School Year: Due to the impact of the Wuhan Coronavirus, all Trial / Observation Registrations are not being processed until further notice as we have to firstly focus on re-organising classes and teaching staff.

Once we re-start, we will be processing the Registration backlog on a first come, first served basis, so you may still wish to complete the online registration form to ensure your place in the queue. Thank you for your patience during this time!

Your child is required to try two classes before being enrolled. This gives you and your child an opportunity to experience it in person and for us to find out more from you about what you are looking for.

When can my child try out the programme?

We previously allowed trials during the first two weeks of term, but found that this disrupted the learning environment and teachers. You are still able to observe quietly from the back of the classroom (free of charge) and observations must be booked in advance with the office. Observations can be booked through the same Student Trial Registration form, but please write in the Comments section that you wish to observe.

Trials take place from Week 4 onwards and there are very limited trial spaces for each class session. Trials need to booked in advance so that we can be prepared for your child.

Trials are $13.50 per child per Early Learners session, $14.50 per child per Prep session, and $15.50 per child per School Aged session. Trial fees must be paid to the charity’s bank account before attendance and are non-refundable.

What does a trial involve?

  • The trial is a chance for you and your child to try our group programme in person.
  • Note that the programme is a group class format so your child will not be receiving one-to-one teaching.
  • The level of involvement that your child has in a trial class will be highly dependent on how comfortable they are being in a foreign language environment. Many children will prefer to stay quiet and observe what is happening, rather than take part in activities in a trial.
  • We strongly advise against school children trying to “take notes” in class during trials or trying to write down how things are pronounced. Our classes are active and interaction based. Your child needs to be watching body language, interacting with their classmates and listening well. Writing on paper during class will negatively impact your child’s trial and learning experience. Please reassure your child that they will be learning the sounds over time by listening and watching, not by writing : )
  • Please read our Class Guidelines and talk to your child about these before attending trials so that they are prepared.

If your child is not fluent in a language other than English:

Your child’s trial requires attendance at two classes, one week after another. A single class is unlikely to show whether the class is a good fit for your child, for example:

  • 1st class: your child may feel awkward, nervous or surprised by the full Mandarin Chinese language immersion class or by the new people around them.
  • 2nd class: your child may be less surprised about the immersion and be able to start to get used to the class environment and games.

If your child is already bilingual or has been previously exposed to Mandarin Chinese:

Attending only one trial class is usually sufficient as we find that a bilingual child is more aware of different languages/sounds, is less anxious about hearing a new language, and learns Mandarin more easily and quicker than monolingual children. The office will confirm with you if your child only needs one trial class – until then, please assume that two classes will need to be attended.

I’ve understood everything and would like to book in for a trial!

Click here to complete the Student Trial Registration online.