Mid-Autumn Mooncake Festival


Dumpling workshop (2)




Cafe area

From 10:30am

Mooncake tasting and Chinese tea (first come, first served)

Make a simple Chinese lantern


A2 Room

10:30am-11am Cartoon: Taoshu & Friends’ Mid-Autumn Festival.

11am-11:15am Short animated film: Mooncakes

11:15-11:30am Lantern Walk in the dark

11:30am-12noon Cartoon: Taoshu & Friends’ Mid-Autumn Festival.

12noon-12:15pm Short animated film: Mooncakes.

12:15pm-12:30pm Lantern Walk in the dark

A3 Room

Usual Preschooler classes are being held here.

10:30am-11am Observation of class while seated quietly at the side of the class. Limited to 5 adults at a time (no children). Please arrive at 10:30am – no late entries as it becomes too disruptive.

11am-11:15am Visitors (adults and children) are welcome to join in the rhymes & action songs time.

11:30am-12noon Observation of class while seated quietly at the side of the class. Limited to 5 adults at a time (no children). Please arrive at 11:30am – no late entries as it becomes too disruptive.

12noon-12:15pm Visitors (adults and children) are welcome to join in the rhymes & action songs time.

Activity Details

Cultural education on the big screen

Taoshu & friends’ Mid-Autumn Festival (23 minutes)

A cartoon about a young boy, Tao Shu, and his little sister, Ling Ling, who are about to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with their family. You get a look into the tea drinking tradition, the types of moon cakes, how moon cakes are made, and how to make a lantern!

This is completely in Mandarin Chinese, with no subtitles, but still interesting to watch! Children will enjoy most of it.

Mooncakes (13 minutes)

Short animated film about a boy sending off a wish for Mooncakes…and we see what happens and why the Chinese moon rabbits are so busy! An amusing, imaginary, near-silent film: there is no language spoken but there are sound effects and such.

Lantern walk

Make a simple lantern beforehand, or use one of the Chinese lanterns to go for a little wander in the dark. Children going for lantern walks by the full moon are part of a Mooncake / Mid-Autumn Festival’s usual activities.