He keeps asking me to take him to ‘Ni Hao’! He enjoys going there and loves the songs so much. He wants to sing them every night before bed. 🙂

Esther, mother of a 2 year old boy

…very interactive and fun. My boys enjoy it a lot and don’t even notice that they are immersed in Mandarin!

Alison, mother to two school aged boys

Everyone loves the (Stories & Rhymes!) sessions!

Wellington City Libraries

We like that it’s Interactive and fun, the parent can stay to observe and learn along, and that it is a small group.

Connie, mother to three school aged children

The boys like the games, the teacher’s attitude and being able to repeat previous weeks’ learning. I also like that it’s a small learning group.

Tina, mother to two school aged boys

We like the more modern teaching, interactive style, and being able to sit with our child.

Warren, father to a 4 year old boy

I think you guys do a great job. The cost is very affordable when you compare that to what we pay for dance and music and yet you offer so much resources, all of which so creatively executed to hold and maintain the kids’ attention….(I also) like that it’s friendly and inviting.

Raewyn, mother to a 4 year old girl

We love Ni Hao Children’s Community – we hear her singing so often!

Anne, mother of a 3 year old girl

We love the classes!!!

Pip, mother of two school aged boys

What I like most as a parent…All the interaction and variety- from songs to stories to other activities such as the face plate to learn emotions. The creativity – love what you’re doing with the resources you have. The informal atmosphere – in all the time I’ve spent learning Mandarin, I certainly never got that warm fuzzy feel, but you’ve achieved that!

Alexandra, mother of a 1 yr old girl

Enjoying the classes so much … each one gets better and better! Appreciate all your efforts and so happy to see them blooming into a wonderful learning community.

Emily, mother of a 2 year old boy

I think the classes are awesome and my children sing the songs learnt at home…(he) said today that learning Chinese was one of his passions. You guys are doing a great job!

Island Bay mother of a 6 year old boy and 4 year old girl

These classes have been fun for the family – they have had quite an impact in making learning Mandarin enjoyable and something to look forward to. The children learn so much better with the creative and hands on way the classes are run….The 3 year old is starting to feel so comfortable with Mandarin that it is no longer seen as “foreign”, and interchangeably swaps the Mandarin words for English words in everyday conversations… the 7 year old is starting to do that too! They also have impromptu Mandarin singing sessions at home of the songs and rhymes that we learn in class.

Brooklyn mother of a 7 year old and 3 year old