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Return to in-person classes Sat 6 June

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Hi all,
I’ll try to keep this shorter due to the email influx of school & activities all trying to restart!

Saturday 6 June:

  • In-person classes will begin at Lifepoint on 6 June. Times will be the same as current online times.
  • Early Learners classes will NOT re-start this term.
  • 6 June start is subject to Level 2 staying/reducing. We’ll email the week before to confirm in-person classes will start.
  • Prep classes in Room 4.
  • All School Age Levels are in the large Community Room at this stage.

Health & safety for in-person classes:

  • Students should bring their own water bottle, pencil case (pencils, eraser), booklet.
  • No food or personal toys are allowed in the classroom.
  • Students must wash their hands with soap before & after class.
  • If anyone is unwell, please do not come along to class.
  • Anyone 70 years and older is advised to stay away.

Sign in & contact tracing:

  • Parents do not enter / do not stay the classroom. Please drop off your children outside the classroom door. The exception is Prep class – one parent will be asked by the teacher to remain as back up assistance.
  • No sign in is needed. The teachers use the EnrolMy App to mark attendance and trace students.
  • You’re welcome to stay in the Lifepoint Room 1 to wait. Please do NOT use the Impact Room (the one with the lounge suite and tables).


  • Thanks for the payments so far. I’m aware some invoices are missing and will need to check up on these.

The teachers are really looking forward to seeing the children again 🙂

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Online interactive video classes for 2020 – enrol by Friday 17 April for Term 2!

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Using COVID-19 to pivot and do things differently!

Before the NZ lockdown happened, we made the decision to run the last two weeks of Term 1 as online classes. It was a new experience for the teachers and children!

Classes were live & interactive, via Zoom video conferencing. It went well, there was good feedback, so we’re encouraged and keen to continue providing a good online learning experience for the children.

This means that we’re moving classes to an online video conferencing format for the rest of 2020.

Our focus remains the same, offline and online: to learn by doing. Children will continue to be able to speak during class, and learn Mandarin Chinese as a new additional language through social interaction, conversation, games, song and movement.

Read the rest in our latest newsletter:

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Crazy pineapples! 🍍

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We’ve just wrapped up another fun Mandarin Play holiday program!

Over the three days, the children aged 5-10 worked together to come up with a play plot, script and props, while Qiubo was there to facilitate!

They also had fun playing games in Mandarin and hearing the books they brought from home read in Mandarin too.

The children renamed their holiday program group as the Crazy Pineapples, and their storyline for the play went like this:

  • There was a group of horses and snakes
  • The snakes kept chasing after the horses and chased them all home
  • Once the horses were at home, they found out the snakes had stolen all their food
  • The cleverest snake then throw in a bomb to their house
  • The horses chased after the snakes, and chased them into a lake
  • The snakes drowned and died, apart from one snake, who escaped and threw raspberries (the fruits) at the horses
  • The horses were allergic to the raspberries!
  • They had to dance it out to get rid of the allergic reaction (they danced to a popular Mandarin children’s song)
  • Then they all fell asleep, woke up and found out it was all a dream.

Some snapshots of the “paperwork” are below!

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Polls from the recent email newsletter: try these ones!

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The polls in our recent email newsletter didn’t quite work out (apologies!), so here it is again for those that wanted to complete it 🙂 Thanks for the input!

Short evaluation reports will be given to your child at their last class this term, so please watch out for those in school bags. We are also wondering what you think about reports?

Due to the increased student numbers, we are looking at possibly splitting up the classes into a 3 & under group (early session), and a 3-5 group (later session) if parents feel like the age ranges are too wide. This would affect the class times that you can attend. We think the age ranges seem to work well so far but what do you think?

Do you find people trialling classes disruptive for you and your children? Have you trialled a class before? We would appreciate feedback on how we can provide an opportunity for people to test the waters, yet be more settled and less distracting for current students, families and teachers. One idea is holding an open day in the school holidays to avoid affecting actual classes.

What do you think about trial students being able to attend term classes?

Do you think you would use a Ni Hao Children’s Community mobile phone app?

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New 2018-onwards School Kids Years 1-8 class structure: what is it?

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Last updated on 28 January 2018

Families have indicated that the writing element has been missing from our fun classes, so we have decided to add this component in a way that’s connected to the conversational language learning. Children are also more likely to respond well to writing in class with their classmates, than want to do it at home, and when things are relevant to what they are doing.

The children have also enjoyed the social language times in 2017 (and rarely want to stop class!), so all School Kids classes will be including some time for this as well. It will be a well-rounded mix of active learning!

This means that the 70-minute classes will be a carefully planned combination of

  • Conversational language class lessons
  • Short writing elements, related to the conversational material taught in class, as well as revising older lessons to keep the language alive!
    • Writing sheets will be provided each week, and children will need a manilla folder (foolscap size) and metal fastener to store the sheets for the year. The folders will stay with the teacher until end of term, when they can be brought home over the holidays, and then brought back to continue with the next term.
  • Social language activities in the same style as our Language Sports and Mandarin Kids Club.

Note: If you are looking for a general, lighter session of Mandarin Chinese learning for your child, we are also offering a short 30 minute session at After School Care venues. Please contact your After School Care provider and let them know you’re interested in the service and refer them to Ni Hao Children’s Community. You can also provide them with this flyer: Services for afterschool care and holiday programme providers

NiHaoCC Programmes Summary 2018 v3NiHaoCC Programmes Summary 2018 v3

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2018 schedule! In with the new!

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Here’s the first cut of the new 2018 schedule! You’ll notice the times have changed for the school aged kids classes – it’s 70 minutes long (really?!) and it’s still going to be fun!

We’ve taken on parents feedback and are now going to introduce writing in a fun, relevant way! We are also taking on the children’s feedback/responses and going to have our language sports / Mandarin kids club activities at each class as the kids really enjoy having these! It creates a really fun and social language use/practice opportunity. More details about this as we get things together.. the website is slowly being updated too..

Term 1 2018 schedule v1Term 1 2018 schedule v1


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St Francis De Sales class location update

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We will be moving  the Monday afternoon classes from the St Francis De Sales school library to the room 7 in the St Francis De Sales school. If you enter the school from the main door (pass the reception), you will find the room 7 is in your left front and opposite to the school library.