New 2018-onwards School Kids Years 1-8 class structure: what is it?

Last updated on 28 January 2018

Families have indicated that the writing element has been missing from our fun classes, so we have decided to add this component in a way that’s connected to the conversational language learning. Children are also more likely to respond well to writing in class with their classmates, than want to do it at home, and when things are relevant to what they are doing.

The children have also enjoyed the social language times in 2017 (and rarely want to stop class!), so all School Kids classes will be including some time for this as well. It will be a well-rounded mix of active learning!

This means that the 70-minute classes will be a carefully planned combination of

  • Conversational language class lessons
  • Short writing elements, related to the conversational material taught in class, as well as revising older lessons to keep the language alive!
    • Writing sheets will be provided each week, and children will need a manilla folder (foolscap size) and metal fastener to store the sheets for the year. The folders will stay with the teacher until end of term, when they can be brought home over the holidays, and then brought back to continue with the next term.
  • Social language activities in the same style as our Language Sports and Mandarin Kids Club.

Note: If you are looking for a general, lighter session of Mandarin Chinese learning for your child, we are also offering a short 30 minute session at After School Care venues. Please contact your After School Care provider and let them know you’re interested in the service and refer them to Ni Hao Children’s Community. You can also provide them with this flyer: Services for afterschool care and holiday programme providers

NiHaoCC Programmes Summary 2018 v3NiHaoCC Programmes Summary 2018 v3

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