One day to go before our Crazy Rich Asians film fundraiser!!

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Wow! It has been amazing to see all the ticket sales and the support from everyone!! Thank you so so much 🙂 We didn’t really think it would turn out so well considering we only started organising this 8 days ago! It is very much appreciated!

There are still some tickets left and raffle prizes to be won (as we are not carrying them home!). There are no door sales available so please head over to buy the film tickets online at

Every ticket comes with a wine/OJ.

You then have a choice of either a cone of ice cream (hokey pokey, boysenberry, or vanilla) OR a cone of yummy Kacang Puteh. We have ended up making three different types: sugar coated peanuts, spicy peas and muruku (chickpea flour sticks), and tapioca chips. Kacang Puteh is traditionally served in recycled paper so you may see some of our older kids class hand outs 😉

There is also a raffle happening on the night so please bring some change! $2 a ticket or $5 for 3 tickets. 1st prize includes: 30 minute spa voucher at Elderberry & Kate on Willis Street (nice!), Mojo coffee with accessories, $40 vouchers to Little Penang, …

There are also other smaller prizes, such as movie tickets, Mojo coffee vouchers, small hair / skin product hampers, more Little Penang vouchers,…

It will be a great night out and a cosy night in with this cold weather! We look forward to seeing everyone 🙂

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9 Factors that Influence Language Learning for Kids

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This is a great blog post by a Montessori preschool / International Baccalaureate school in USA that summarises important factors that influence language learning. There’s no miracle working in language learning!

It’s common to believe that a child’s skill with learning an additional language comes naturally. We don’t agree. Yes, some children do pick up language skills faster than others—but that doesn’t mean that the ability to learn a language is an attribute possessed by only a lucky few.

When students start learning an additional language at Whitby, some do soak up the knowledge faster than others. Yet it’s not just natural ability at work. We’ve actually found that there are many internal and external factors that influence how fast students pick up a new language.

  1. Motivation? Are they being forced? Is there a lot of negative pressure on them at home?
  2. Is another language spoken at home?
  3. Is this their first foreign language?
  4. How does the student feel in the classroom? Is it a safe, relaxed space for them?
  5. How is the language taught? Immersion?
  6. How attainable does it feel to the student? Do they feel like what they’re learning is out of reach?
  7. Is the student introverted or extroverted? Is speaking in front of groups challenging?
  8. How old is the student?
  9. How comfortable do they feel learning the language in their current country? If their social group, school influence or society around them influence them a certain way, it may be a hindrance to learning. If a student comes along with the belief that it is “better” to learn a European language than an Asian language, there is an immediate barrier to engagement and mental block right there and it will be difficult to learn any Asian language…

Read the full post here:

We’d also like to add a very important #10 – How comfortable is the student with making lots of mistakes and not being perfect? Do they have a fixed or growth mindset? Learning a language, especially to speak a language, is all about trying, making mistakes, and learning along the way. A useful article on this: The learning myth: Why I’ll never tell my son he’s smart, by Sal Khan, of Khan Academy.

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2018 Term 3 Early Learners’ class week1-3

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football 足球 zú qiú
basketball 篮球 lán qiú
Tops 上衣 shàng yī
 skirt 裙子 qún zi
shoes 鞋子 xié zi
play football 踢足球 tī zú qiú
play basketball 打篮球 dǎ lán qiú
swimming 游泳 yóu yǒng
I go to (play football) 我去踢足球 wǒ qù tī zú qiú
I am wearing (tops) to (play football) 我穿(上衣)去(踢足球) wǒ chuān (shàng yī) qù (tī zú qiú)
I am wearing (tops) 我穿(上衣) wǒ chuān (shàng yī)
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2018 Term 3 Kids’ class level 2 week 1-3

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I am wearing (tops) and (shorts) today 我今天穿(上衣)和(短裤) wǒ jīn tiān chuān (shàng yī) hé (duǎn kù)
What are you wearing to (play basketball) today? 你今天穿什么去(打篮球)? nǐ jīn tiān chuān shén me qù (dǎ lán qiú)?
I am wearing (green sweater) to (play baseball) today 我今天穿(绿色的毛衣)去(打棒球) wǒ jīn tiān chuān (lǜ sè de máo yī) qù (dǎ bàng qiú)
I am wearing (red tops) and (blue shorts) today 我今天穿(红色的上衣)和 (蓝色的短裤) wǒ jīn tiān chuān (hóng sè de shàng yī) hé (lán sè de duǎn kù)
what will you wear to (play baseball) tomorrow? 你明天穿什么去(打棒球)? nǐ míng tiān chuān shén me qù (dǎ bàng qiú)
I want to wear (green sweater) to (play baseball) 我明天想穿(绿色的毛衣)去(打棒球) wǒ míng tiān xiǎng chuān (lǜ sè de máo yī) qù (dǎ bàng qiú)
will you wear (skirt) to (play baseball) tomorrow? 你明天穿裙子去(打棒球)吗? nǐ míng tiān chuān qún zi qù (dǎ bàng qiú) ma ?
restaurant 餐馆 cān guǎn
Yes, I want to wear(skirt) to (play baseball) tomorrow 是的,我明天想穿裙子去(打棒球) shì de, wǒ míng tiān xiǎng chuān qún zi qù (dǎ bàng qiú)
No, I don’t want to wear (skirt) to (play baseball) tomorrow 不,我明天不想穿裙子去(打棒球) bù, wǒ míng tiān bù xiǎng chuān qún zi qù (dǎ bàng qiú)
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2018 Term 2 Kids’ class Level 1 week 7-9

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street jiē
date/number hào
Where do you live? 你住在哪里? nǐ zhù zài nǎ lǐ?
I live at… 我住在… wǒ zhù zài…
I want to buy… 我想要买… wǒ xiǎng yào mǎi…
New Zealand 新西兰 xīn xī lán
Russia 俄罗斯 ér luó sī
Korea 韩国 hán guó
park (your) car in… 把车停在… bǎ chē tíng zài
Zoo 动物园 dòng wù yuán
Teacher’s/principal’s home 老师/校长的家 lǎo shī/xiào zhǎng de jiā
kindergarten 幼儿园 yòu ér yuán
supermarket 超市 chāo shì
medical center 诊所 zhěn suǒ
park 公园 gōng yuán
floor lóu