Online interactive video classes for 2020 – enrol by Friday 17 April for Term 2!

Using COVID-19 to pivot and do things differently!

Before the NZ lockdown happened, we made the decision to run the last two weeks of Term 1 as online classes. It was a new experience for the teachers and children!

Classes were live & interactive, via Zoom video conferencing. It went well, there was good feedback, so we’re encouraged and keen to continue providing a good online learning experience for the children.

This means that we’re moving classes to an online video conferencing format for the rest of 2020.

Our focus remains the same, offline and online: to learn by doing. Children will continue to be able to speak during class, and learn Mandarin Chinese as a new additional language through social interaction, conversation, games, song and movement.

Read the rest in our latest newsletter:

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