Our first online group classes!

We have had to pivot due to the COVID-19 situation and had our first online group classes via video / Zoom for the last two Saturdays of Term 1.

The classes have gone surprisingly well for something so new! The kids, especially the school aged ones, were good at talking & interacting on screen with the teacher and their classmates 🙂 Thank you to everyone for participating and to those who also provided their feedback.

Here are some screen snapshots of a few of last Saturday’s (4 April) classes. There were lots of screenshots and videos that we wanted to take of the kids while they were talking and interacting but due to privacy, we have not done so.

Snaps from the Early Learners class (3 years old and under)

Snaps from the Prep class (4 years old to School Year 1)

Snaps from School Year 2+ Level 1

Snaps from School Year 2+ Level 2

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