TODAY’s Farewell Party Programme Schedule

Hi everyone,
A quick reminder that the farewell party is on today at Lifepoint Church and this is the rough programme schedule: 

(11am – 1pm Garage sale happening in the Background. There are a lot of things on sale! Don’t forget to bring cash.)
11.10am- NiHao Welcome songs – sing together in a huge group 😁
11.20am-  Games – kids involved and parents will be asked to join too!!!
12pm- Start the shared meal, opening up the BYO finger food 😋
12.30pm- Thank you speeches and the chance for children or families to say thank you to their teachers if they wish. Unfortunately, Lizzie is not able to attend, but Xue will be.
12.50pm- George Ezra Shotgun song & general Goodbye song sung as a huge group 🥳

I couldn’t organise any coffee cart in time so please BYO your morning coffee if needed 😉

P.S. Some have been asking if teachers can take private classes:

  • Ay Dih is working full time and will be unavailable for any further teaching.
  • Cecilia may be interested for late Term 3 or Term 4, but will be unavailable for the next few weeks due to other commitments. It needs to be noted that she would need to be planning lessons from scratch, so a private teacher’s cost of time for all this as well as admin, room hire and teaching may mean near 1.5-2x the current fees. (NiHaoCC has been subsidising family’s term fees from actual costs of the programme for the past 6 years). 
  • Any private classes run by other teachers would not be a continuation of the stair-casing curriculum or part of the the NiHaoCC programme. You will need to contact Cecilia separately / not via NiHaoCC if you wish to explore private tuition with her further.
  • NiHaoCC is planning on having the programme eventually distributed as an educational product in the future. This would mean all term’s lesson plans, writing book, songs, etc could be purchased online by the term. The students/families would just need find their own tutor to teach to it to a group. 
  • However, this educational product model will not be ready until probably 2021? It depends on time and if we have any volunteer help with getting this done 🙂
  • NiHaoCC will send more details and a survey later about this as we seek your ideas and work out a way forward to continue supporting families learning Mandarin.

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