Important Term 1 Update & Impact of Coronavirus

新年快乐 🎆 xin nian kuai le! Happy new year!

❗️Important announcement: Due to the Coronavirus, having one teacher stuck in China’s lockdown, and the many complications that arise because of this, we will be changing the start date of Term 1 to Saturday 15th February.

We don’t know right now if we have to cancel classes due to the lack of teaching resource and are trying to figure how things will not only work for the start of term, but up to the end of Term 1, as we will potentially be missing one teacher until end-March / early-April due to flights stopping and subsequent quarantine measures.

The timetable is also yet to be confirmed and we hope to confirm something late this week.

Any registrations for observations or trials will be delayed in processing as we have to focus on getting classes organised first.

👉 Other changes happening:

🗓 For the enrolment process, families who can enrol for the full 4 terms will be prioritised first. Enrolments will be via the EnrolMy system in the future to assist with admin.

🧾 Fees will also be increasing by at least $10 per term as they have been too low for too long and cannot cover the amount of time being spent by staff on preparation and planning for the classes, or other overheads.

⚠️ We will also be putting further precautionary measures in place since we have a young community: any family who has visited China or had a member visit China in the past month will not be allowed to come to class until a 2-week period has passed.

🙏 We apologise for all of inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience. We will post further updates on our Facebook page.

Yours in language learning,
The team at Ni Hao Children’s Community

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