Polls from the recent email newsletter: try these ones!

The polls in our recent email newsletter didn’t quite work out (apologies!), so here it is again for those that wanted to complete it ūüôā Thanks for the input!

Short evaluation reports will be given to your child at their last class this term, so please watch out for those in school bags. We are also wondering what you think about reports?

Due to the increased student numbers, we are looking at possibly splitting up the classes into a 3 & under group (early session), and a 3-5 group (later session) if parents feel like the age ranges are too wide. This would affect the class times that you can attend. We think the age ranges seem to work well so far but what do you think?

Do you find people trialling classes disruptive for you and your children? Have you trialled a class before? We would appreciate feedback on how we can provide an opportunity for people to test the waters, yet be more settled and less distracting for current students, families and teachers. One idea is holding an open day in the school holidays to avoid affecting actual classes.

What do you think about trial students being able to attend term classes?

Do you think you would use a Ni Hao Children’s Community mobile phone app?

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