ADULTS CLASSES, 90% language immersion

New Adults class for Term 3!

These are 30 minute classes that will be covering the foundations of Mandarin. The teacher will be using as much  Mandarin as possible. during the class, however you are free to ask questions etc in English. The cost is $8 per week (when enrolled for a full term).

Please note that if you have a child/ren who attended the Saturday morning class that day, your child/ren will be remaining in the same room with you (there is no babysitting service). Please make sure you have a morning tea / lunchbox and water bottle prepared for them to last the 30 minutes. We’ll provide some building blocks, toys, board games, and cartoon DVDs in Mandarin, and will leave it up to the children as to what they want to do. It will be a good time for them to socialise as well, in a Mandarin type setting, outside of the class 🙂 The Adults will stay at one end, and the children the other end.

What happens in class?

This new Term 3 class will roughly follow this format:

  1. Adults welcome time: this involves learning to introduce yourself
  • My name is…
  • I am …..’s Mum/Dad
  • I live in …. (suburb)
  • I work at ……

2. Single-letter pinyin pronunciation

This includes

(i) the entire 声母表 sheng mu biao – these words don’t have a literal Chinese meaning, but it refers to the list of Initial Consonants of the Mandarin language

and (ii) six letters from the 韵母表 yun mu biao. These six letters are all of the Simple Vowels of the Mandarin language.

3. Combined pronunciation

This covers how to pronounce the combination of the 声母表 sheng mu biao / list of Initial Consonants AND the six letters from the 韵母表 yun mu biao (the Simple Vowels).

4. Revision

We will revise the same week’s vocabulary and curriculum as the children’s classes.

Click here to enrol for an Adults Mandarin class at Ni Hao Children’s Community.