Last updated 12 April 2018. Registrations of Interest will close midnight, Thursday 3 May.

We are looking to start a School Kids Level 1 Beginners classes in the Khandallah area: Tuesdays 3:20pm to 4:30pm, in the Lounge at The Village Church. We hope to have classes start on Tuesday 8 May in Term 2 and are looking for registrations on interest to build a class. We are looking for 7 to 10 keen learners! 🙂

Our programme’s focus and emphasis is on the conversational language (spoken & listening skills), and include a variety of songs/raps, conversation, story time, writing and language sports games or school yard games. You can read more about the School Kids classes on our website.

The programme is intended to be a minimum of a one-year programme (that progresses over the years, like a schooling system), that goes on for 4+ years. Children are not able to just start the same class after mid-year as classes will have progressed a lot by then. By signing up your interest, you are indicating that you are looking to commit to these classes for the full school year, with the view to continue beyond this.

Note that all of Ni Hao Children’s Community classes and curriculum are designed for learning Mandarin Chinese as an additional / foreign conversational language, for children aged 5.5 to 13 years old with no Mandarin background. Children attending Year 7 & 8 / Intermediate Schools are most welcome! Parents of enrolled children are also welcome to stay in class to learn conversational Mandarin (for free!).

Please do take the time to read the information about our School Age classes before registering your interest, so that you are well aware of our conversational focus, style of our classes, know what to expect, and what we can or can’t provide.

Please be aware that learning a completely new language once a week is not the same as playing sports once a week, going to ballet or taking swimming lessons. Progress also depends on how much parental / home support there is. Your child will also need to know or develop group/public speaking skills and confidence (speaking a foreign language clearly in front of others when you’re just a beginner takes some guts!). Risk-taking and the ability to fail well are also important skills to develop for language learning.

Classes are 70 minutes long and while it may sound like a very long time for the children, it flies by with the way we’ve designed our programme (a careful mix of physical activity, social interaction and group work, plus quiet concentration, etc). The children don’t notice 70 minutes have passed!

Fees and enrolment terms & conditions can also be found on our website. Feel free to contact us at with any further questions you may have.

Once you’ve read everything, are happy with all the information and looking to attend for the next few terms, please complete the registration below.

Registration of Interest

Click here to open and complete the Khandallah registration of interest form online. Note that this is not an enrolment form.

Ni Hao Children’s Community is only collecting registrations of interest at this stage to see if there is sufficient demand for the classes to be held in Khandallah.


The link to our online enrolment forms will be available once interest registration has completed and there are sufficient student numbers to start classes.

During enrolment, you must complete the child’s date of birth and any medical details about your child that the teacher should know.

Your contact details are also very important as the teacher needs to be able to contact you by mobile and/or landline phone. Other emergency contacts are also needed, as well as names of those who are allowed to pick up your child from class (the teacher will not be releasing your child to any unknown adults).

Enrolments that do not contain these details will not be confirmed, as staff cannot take responsibility for a child if these details are not provided to us.