Kids Term 2, Week 5



Kitchen(s) 厨房chú fáng


Fork(s) 叉子 chā zǐ

  • 叉食物

Poking the fork into food 叉食物 chā shí wù  (Action: Pretend to poke the fork into food by using four fingers)


Spoon(s) 勺子 sháo zǐ

  • 挖食物

Scooping the food 挖食物 wā shí wù (Action: Pretend to use spoon to scoop the food)

Knife(s) 刀 dāo

  • 用刀切

Using the knife to cut 用到切yòng dāo qiē (Action: Pretend to use the knife to cut)


chopsticks 筷子 kuài zǐ  (Action: Pretend to use the chopsticks to eat noodles)

Bowl(s) 碗 wǎn (Action: Pretend to hold a bowl and drink soup from the bowl, in Chinese way)


Plate(s) 盘子pán zǐ

  • 擦盘子

Wiping the plate 擦盘子 cā pán zi (Action: Pretend to wipe a plate)


rubbish 垃圾 lā jī (Action: pretend to put rubbish in the bin)


Bottle(s) 瓶子 píng zǐ (Action: Pretend to drink water from the water bottle)


Fridge(s) 冰箱 bīng xiāng

  • 打开冰箱

Opening the fridge 打开冰箱dǎ kāi bīng xiāng (Action: Pretend to open the fridge, use one hand only)

  • 关上冰箱

Closing the fridge 关上冰箱 guān shàng bīng xiāng (Action: Pretend to close the fridge, use one hand only)


Apron(s) 围裙 wéi qún

  • 穿围裙

Wearing apron 穿围裙 chuān wéi qún (Action: putting the string over your head and tighten it on your waist behind your back)


cooking pot(s) 烹饪器 pēng rèn qì (Action: string food in the cooking pot)


Kettle(s) 水壶 shuǐ hú (Action: pulling hot water from kettle)


rubbish bin 垃圾箱  lā jī xiāng

  • 打开垃圾箱

Opening the rubbish bin 打开垃圾箱dǎ kāi lā jī xiāng (Action: Pretend to open the rubbish bin lid)

  • 关上垃圾箱

Closing the rubbish bin 关上垃圾箱 guān shàng lā jī xiāng (Action: Pretend to close the rubbish bin lid)



What is this? 这是什么? zhè shì shén me?


this is …这是…zhè shì

E.g., this is 这是叉子zhè shì chā zǐ



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