Preschoolers Term 2, Week 7



living room(s) 客厅Kè tīng


curtain(s) 窗帘chuāng lián

  • 打开窗帘

Opening the curtain 打开窗帘 dǎ kāi chuāng lián (Action: Open curtain with two arms)

  •   关上窗帘

Closing the curtain 关上窗帘guān shàng chuāng lián (Action: Closing curtain with two arms)


sofa(s) 沙发 shā fā

  • 坐沙发

Sitting on the sofa 坐沙发 zuò shā fā (Action: Walk, sit down and relax)


television(s) 电视机 diàn shì jī

  • 看电视

Watching TV 看电视 kàn diàn shì  (Action: Everyone go and sit in front of the fake TV, watch TV)


carpet(s)/ Rug(s) 地毯 dì tǎn

  • 坐在地毯上

Sitting on the carpet/rug 坐在地毯上zuò zài dì tǎn shàng  (Action: pointing at the carpet and sitting at the carpet)


telephone(s) 电话 diàn huà

  • 打电话

Making a phone call 打电话 dǎ diàn huà (Action: Pressing number on one hand and then use one hand to make a phone shape)


window(s) 窗户 chuāng hù

  • 打开窗户

Opening the window 打开窗户 dǎ kāi chuāng hù  (Action: using both hands to push the window)

  • 关上窗户

Closing the window 关上窗户guān shàng chuāng hù(Action: using both hands to pull the window)

door(s) 门 mén

  • 打开门

Opening the door 打开门dǎ kāi mén  (Action: knocking the door and then opening the door)

wall(s) 墙 qiáng

  • 靠在墙上

Leaning on the wall 靠在墙上 kào zài qiáng shàng  (Action: leaning on the wall)


stair(s) 楼梯 lóu tī

  • 上楼梯

Walking up 上楼梯 shàng lóu tī (Action: Pretend to walk up)

  • 下楼梯

Walking down 下楼梯xià lóu tī



Can you please find…. 你能找到…吗?nǐ néng zhǎo dào…mā?

E.g., Can you please find curtain(s)? 你能找到窗帘吗? nǐ néng zhǎo dào chuāng lián mā?


Here it is. 在这里 zài zhè lǐ


this is …这是… zhè shì…

E.g., this is stairs 这是楼梯zhè shì lóu tī

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