Preschoolers Term , Week 3



dog 狗 gǒu

(Action: put  both hands in front of chest like when dog stands up; pronounce “wang wang”)

cat 猫 māo

(Action: stretch fingers and put both hands on the face, fingers toward nose; pronounce meow meow)


rabbit 兔子 tù zi

(making “VICTORY” and put both hands on the top of head)

bird 鸟 niǎo

(Action: strench arms and pretend to fly)


frog 青蛙 qīng wā

(Action: strench fingers toward sky, squat down and jump like a frog)


tortoise 乌龟 wū guī

(Action: pretend be a tortoise moving forward, slowly)

Reviewing vocabularies from week 2 (bathroom vocabularies)


1. 这是什么? 这是…

What is this? This is… 这是什么? 这是… zhè shì shén me? zhè shì …

e.g., this is (a) dog 这是 (一只) 狗zhè shì (yì zhī) gǒu

2. 你能去帮…吗?

…, can you please help… …,你能去帮…吗? …,nǐ néng qù bāng…ma?

e.g., student B, can you please help dog brush teeth? Student B, 你能去帮狗刷牙吗? Student B, nǐ néng qù bāng gǒu shuā yá ma?

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