Kids Term 4, Week 6



Kitchen 厨房 chú fáng


cup 杯子 bēi zǐ

(Action: using the cup to drink water )


carrot 胡萝卜hú luó bo

(Action: pretend to hold carrot and eat the carrot like a rabbit)


banana 香蕉 xiāng jiāo

(Action: pretend to peel the banana and eat it)


apple 苹果 píng guǒ

(Action: pretend to hold the apple and bite it)


chocolate 巧克力 qiǎo kè lì

(Action: pretend to break chocolate in the pack and then eat it)

Reviewing the vocabularies from week 5 (animals and colours)


1. 你是谁?

(name), Who are you? (name), 你是谁? (name), nǐ shì shéi?


I am…我是… wǒ shì…

e.g., I am (a) pink elephant 我是(一只)粉红色的大象 wǒ shì (yì zhī) fěn hóng sè de dà xiàng


2. 在厨房里,你能看见什么?在厨房里, 我能看见…在吃…

in the kitchen, what can you see? In the kitchen, I can see a… is eating… 在厨房里,你能看见什么?在厨房里, 我能看见…在吃… zài chú fáng lǐ , nǐ néng kàn jiàn shén me? zài chú fáng lǐ,wǒ néng kàn jiàn …zài chī…

e.g., in the kitchen, I can see (an) elephant is eating banana 在厨房里,我能看见(一只)大象在吃香蕉


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