Class cancellations

It is with very heartfelt, sincere apologies that due to unforeseen circumstances, Ni Hao Children’s Community has had to cancel all classes this term and until further notice. The parent workshops will also be cancelled. We also apologise for any inconvenience caused.
All enrolled families have been contacted and term fee refunds are being arranged.
NHCC will be working on getting a Mandarin foreign language playgroup up and running in the future, as we now have a lot of very nice resources that we would  like to make available to the community. We’ll also be looking for a volunteer Mandarin language assistant to help with playgroup and e.g. provide singalong and story times in Mandarin, as the playgroup could predominantly be an English-speaking family community with a shared interest in learning Mandarin.
Thank you to all the enrolled families for their support and interest in joining our classes! We do invite everyone to to stay in touch via Facebook or our mailing list.
Again, our sincere apologies for this, and we hope this doesn’t leave a bad impression on anyone!