Class enrolment update

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day…

morningIt’s been a very busy start to Term 1 for the NHCC teachers and myself! We’re very excited to have started the classes, and especially so for me as it feels like it has been such a journey from the initial idea, then setting up the charity/organisation, hiring teachers, planning, etc until now. Phew! Many thanks to the Board for their ongoing support of me, my ideas and the organisation. Their support has been vital in helping make this all happen.

It has been really nice for the NHCC staff to meet the families and be able to learn together in a fun environment : ) My kids are singing a lot in Mandarin after classes / at home. For me, this is great to hear as we are all not fluent.

I’ve been enjoying sitting in and taking part in the classes so far, and believe me, it makes the teachers and I happy when we see your children enjoying the Mandarin classes and getting right into it : )

For those that may still be keen in trying it out, here’s an update on our class enrolments. Please contact us if you’d like a trial or want to find out more about it.

Baobao (Babies) and Toddlers

We have some places left in the

  • Baobao Monday 9:30-10am at St Jude’s Church Lyall Bay
  • Toddlers Friday 9:30-10am at Brooklyn Community Centre
  • Toddlers Saturday 9:10-9:40am at Elim Church, Tennyson Street.

Monday’s session is also open to Toddlers, but is based on the Baobao class format. Friday’s session is also open to Babies and Preschoolers, but based on the Toddlers class format.

I’m also still keen on offering a later Baobao class for the early nappers. Due to low enrolments, we did not start those in Term 1, but hope to for Term 2. If you’re interested in late morning Baobao classes, please contact us 🙂


Our Saturday class is full! There are still some spaces on Friday, 1:15 – 2pm at Brooklyn Community Centre.


I want to start Kids classes in Term 2 and am currently putting together lists of those who are interested. Please contact us if you would like to add your child/ren to our wait list. Please provide details such as: children’s names, ages, preferred days/times and locations, and if they have any background in Mandarin.


Playgroup enrolment is open throughout the term, so you’re welcome to join us anytime! It has been really nice to see existing families again and to meet new ones. Playgroup is different to classes, but it is a good way to get in some extra Mandarin-time during the week if you are able to.

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