Wanted: a wee lil’ office with storage space in CBD (happy to share with others!)

We’re looking for a small office/storage space in the middle of the city, close to the Wellington Central Library, and easily accessible (i.e. lifts or flat access).

We’re happy to share with other existing offices too, but would prefer a closed off room or a shared meeting room we can use. We sing in Mandarin to practise, and talk in English non-stop when discussing lesson plans!

The space needs to be big enough to fit about 3-4 people, a table, chairs, space to perform (to try out lessons) and also some storage or shelving space. It would be great if there were internet and shared facilities (toilet, kitchenette, etc) already there too.

If you know of someone who may have some office space, please contact Li Ling liling (at) nihaocc.org.nz

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