Term 2, Weeks 1 & 2 vocab & phrases: Toddlers & Preschoolers

We’ve been requested to provide a list of the vocabulary and phrases we’re learning, so here it is for the first two weeks of Term 2 🙂

We’ll try to do a PDF version that can be printed out if you want to stick it up on a wall somewhere handy, so please watch this space 🙂

Toddlers & Preschoolers

What’s mum doing?  妈妈在做什么? mā mā zài zuò shén me;

What’s dad doing? 爸爸在做什么?bà bà zài zuò shén me

Brush/ing teeth 刷牙 shuā yá

Put on clothes 穿衣服 chuān yī fu

Take off clothes 衣服 tuō yī fu

Put on shoes 穿鞋 chuān xié

Take off shoes tuō xié

Go to the toilet 所 shàng cè suǒ

Wash hands 洗手 xǐ shǒu

Dry hands 擦干手 cā gān shǒu

Bathing/Bathe, Showering/Shower 洗澡 xǐ zǎo

Wash hair 洗头发xǐ tóu fa

Blow dry hair 吹头发 chuī tóu fa

Dry hair 擦头发 cā tóu fa

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