What do you think? Kids classes: bite-sized, lower fees?

We would love for Mandarin to be more accessible to families, but language learning all too often gets left behind after sports, ballet, music, circus, etc, …

Our Kids classes are currently 55 mins long – to make it worth the journey out to them we hope 😉 – but this also means the cost is pretty high at $147 per school term.

So, how’s this for an idea: shorter classes, 30 mins long, at a lower rate $80. Obviously, the amount of learning within a 30 mins vs nearly 1 hour will be different, but perhaps these bite-sized classes could then provide the opportunity to go to class more often during the week (hearing Mandarin more often – it’s all about the repetition!) and/or fit a foreign language into an already busy activity schedule?

Or, one idea we are really keen on is lunchtime Mandarin sessions that slot in as part of the school learning during the day 🙂 No travelling around after school to get to another class venue, and you save your afternoon!

What do you think???

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