Term 3, Week 3 Recap: Toddlers & Preschoolers: Goldilocks & the Three Bears

Goldilocks and three bears book coverLast week, we heard about Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and role-played through the story. We all became Goldilocks with our masks and we learnt about:

Hot, cold and warm porridge, and after eating our warm porridge with our cereal bowls and spoons, we were happy!
Hot 热 rè
Cold 冷 lěng
Warm (item) 温的 Wēn de
Happy 开心 kāi xīn

We tried out some hard and soft chairs, then fell off a comfortable chair and hurt our bums. It was painful and we were sad.
Hard 硬的 Yìng de
Soft 软的 Ruǎn de
Painful 痛 tòng
Sad 伤心 shāng xīn

We became tired and wanted to sleep. We tried out a hard bed, a soft bed, and then fell asleep in the one that was just right.
(Feeling) tired 累 lèi
Sleep 睡觉 shuì jiào

The bears came back, they were angry! They found us in bed sleeping – that scared us and we ran off!
Angry 生气 shēng qì
Scared 害怕 hài pà

This week, we continue to learn about our emotions and the physical nature of things (hot, cold, hard, soft, etc) with a very familiar and famous picture book by Eric Carle 🙂

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