Thank you to survey participants and some survey snippets

readbooksXiexie! 谢谢! A BIG thank you to everyone who completed the two different surveys we sent out last week – it was really nice to read the feedback and also have some ideas for what we can do in the future 🙂 Here are some snippets from the surveys…

Examples of the top things that children liked about classes: Singing, games, tactile, fun, dancing/action songs, the teachers,  movement, parents being involved, revising prior learning / vocabulary, positive vibe…

Examples of the top things that parents liked about classes: interaction, variety, immersion approach, modern teaching, creativity, songs/singing,  not feeling awkward, (obvious to see) lots of lesson planning being done for classes, teachers’ attitudes, well organised, friendly, inviting, small groups, “warm & fuzzy” Mandarin learning, activities, being involved with the children…

Examples of suggestions by currently enrolled families for the future: more repetition between classes, vocab lists, lessons in pinyin, laminated song sheets in class, cheaper fees for bigger families, narrower age ranges for the preschooler group, different class locations, after school classes, music playing in the background while we sing, …

And why were people unable to sign up for classes? A combination of class schedule+location stood out a lot (especially Western suburbs and Hutt City)…

Lots for us to think about!

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