Chinese New Year: Xue’s view

From our teacher, Xue:

Xue Photo

On Chinese New Year eve, all the family members get together for lunch and dinner. After that will sit together to prepare dumplings, which will be served right after 12am new year. Parents will put red envelope with money under children’s pillow when they are asleep on new year. The most exciting things for children are new clothes, yummy food and red envelope. Children play the fire crackers outside, or step on small balloons inside, which are to make bad luck or monsters go away.
We celebrate new year for 15 days, on new year day will eat dumplings. The second day we will eat noodles. There are more traditions to follow, but my family only do these first two days.
We decorate our house with red lanterns, a couplet on both side of front door, and Chinese character “happiness/Fu/福” is stick upside down on the door. All of these wish for a happy new year and good luck.

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