What’s different about learning Mandarin with us?


Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing some info on how we teach & how your child would be learning Mandarin with us.

Mandarin has traditionally been taught in a more serious or academic style due to cultural / societal expectations and norms. Imagine a whiteboard at the front of class, every child being told to sit still at their desk, and not move much or talk back, and interaction between the children being discouraged.

While this style of learning definitely has its own benefits, it does not suit every child or every family, especially when it comes to learning an additional language! So, Ni Hao Children’s Community is here to add something a little different to the mix 🙂

We also do not want to go down the track of using class time to work on art & craft “language” activities or colouring-in pages – unless we are specifically teaching art and craft vocabulary 🙂 With our focus being on developing the verbal and listening skills, class time is precious! The time is better spent on active learning and social interactions vs. a child quietly concentrating on colouring the sun shape in yellow.

Over the next few weeks, keep an eye out on our blog as we’ll share some guidelines we follow in planning and evaluating our lessons and teaching, and how we are trying to move away from language being taught in a classroom environment like the photo below.


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