Sneak peek: new picture game cards!

Yay! We’re so happy to see our new ‘hot off the press’ game cards!!! They look and feel great! Thanks to the team at The Big Picture in Wellington for a good printing job šŸ™‚ The Saturday kids will be the lucky first ones to use them šŸ˜‰

Our picture game cards are an important part of some of our activities. We usuallyĀ spend hours designing, printing and hand cuttingĀ the cards. Even with all that work and getting them done on the laser printer, they still faded a lot and the ink rubbed off from all the use in classes. So, we thought we’d try getting them printed professionally this term!

We have also redesigned them to include the Chinese characters. Visual recognition, seeing characters as a “mini picture” or understanding the stories behind the characters are all a big part of learning Chinese reading and writing.

Lizzie and Xue will be reminding children to look after the cards during class (so, no throwing them around, bending or steppingĀ on them!). It would be appreciated if parents could also remind theirĀ children too. We’re hoping the cards last a long time!

Note that there will now be a feeĀ of $25 if a child damages theĀ game cards in any way (we can’t really print small runs and would have to print a few whole sets each time).

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