Come along for a Trial!

p1505037337-2Not too sure about learning a language? Will your child enjoy it?

Book a trial with us! : ) Our trials involve your attendance at two classes, one week after another.

If your child has not been regularly exposed to a language other than English, a single class is unlikely to show whether the class is a good fit for your child.

  • In the first class, your child could feel a little awkward or surprised by the 100% Mandarin Chinese language immersion environment. However, if your child has friends already attending the class, having friends around definitely helps them relax in the environment sooner.
  • In the second class, your child would not be so shocked about the immersion and will start to get used to being in a non-English group class with their peers.

If your child is already bilingual, one trial class is usually sufficient as we find that a bilingual child is more aware of different languages/sounds and picks up Mandarin more easily than monolingual children.

Class Guidelines

Please read our Class Guidelines and talk to your child about these before attending trial classes. Drop-in trials can be disruptive to the teacher and enrolled students if class guidelines are not followed.

Trial Booking Process

  1. Please complete the Trial Booking Form. Provide your child’s full name, age, allergies/health conditions the teacher should be made aware of, and the class day/time you would prefer (click here to view the schedule). Trials cost $15 per child to contribute towards our overheads. This will be credited against your account if you decide to join for the full term.
  2. Please do not come to a class until your Trial has been confirmed in writing and booked by the office. Our teachers require advanced notice to plan for additional people and also some classes may be full.


If you do not wish to try the class, no contribution will apply, and you’re welcome to sit with your child by the side to observe 🙂 Please contact us beforehand to let us know if you’re wanting to observe a class as sometimes venues etc change.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone.

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