Did you know that Ni Hao Children’s Community is a charitable trust?

We are still in the early seedling stage, so any kind of extra watering and fertiliser would help 😉

We charge fees for our informal “formal” classes and do our best to keep fees as low/affordable as possible, while trying to cover the costs of providing the programmes and operating as a charity. We realise the importance of having teaching staff dedicated to the charity and it’s aims, and the organisation making the programmes and language accessible during the weekdays and to a wider audience. We also greatly appreciate the many voluntary hours invested and the private donor support to help make this happen.

No one else in New Zealand is running language classes in this way (that we are aware of!), and we do invest a lot in creating the programme, delivery and resources from scratch. If you are able to, please consider investing somehow into our programmes, in time, sponsorship of books and materials, or otherwise : )

Ni Hao Children’s Community operates as a charitable trust because the idea is that if any profit is made, it is only allowed to be invested straight back into language, learning and making it as accessible as possible (in cost, location, teaching method, etc). The students and community are the ones who directly “profit” from this, and there are no owners/shareholders taking a slice.


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