School Holiday Programme 2018: Language Play!

We’re excited to announce our new school holiday programme… Language Play!

It’s a 4-day week long holiday programme where the children have the chance to let their hair down, use their imagination to work with a Ni Hao Children’s Community teacher and other children and produce their own play using the Mandarin Chinese language (as well as some English and any other languages they may be fluent in). There is no limit to the children’s creativity – the play could be a Star Wars – Emoji – Minions mashup comedy!

Benefits for your child

Your child will further develop their own English and Mandarin Chinese skills, regardless of fluency level, as well as having

  • creative play and production – your child will be able to use their imagination and creativity to think of ideas and plan the play, and then design/make and/or coordinate any props and costumes needed.
  • speech, drama and public speaking – your child will be able to practise these skills and build their confidence in public speaking in English and Mandarin Chinese, or any other language they may already use. They are most welcome to include other languages in the play!

….and all in a relaxed, fun, pressure-free environment (the children are on holiday after all!) that encourages teamwork, respecting and supporting each other.

Click the poster to see more details!

Language Play (1)

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