Saturday 10 February Brooklyn venue details

A reminder that all of the Saturday classes for 10 February only are being held at Brooklyn Community Centre. Our usual location has been booked out by the Council.

Brooklyn Community Centre is at 18 Harrison St, Brooklyn. There is a carpark (for about 6 cars) on site. There’s also free street parking along most of Harrison Street, but do watch out for the few residential car park spaces though.

The Centre has a great little playground for those wanting to stay a little later to catch up after class. We might also take the children outside for some of class if the weather’s ok.

We do not advise using the playground before attending class for the younger ones. Most find it hard to understand why they are being taken away from the fun playground to head indoors for a class, and difficulties start regardless of the negotiation…

The class rooms will be as per the table below. We’ll also put up a print out of this onsite.

Term 1 2018 Sat 10 Feb Brooklyn.png

For parents who would like to wander while the older ones are in class, and look for food or coffee, Jo’s Cafe at the Harrison Street junction has great homemade sausage rolls and pies – there’s even a steak & blue cheese one if you’re daring (Li Ling says it’s very nice!). Caribe Cafe further down has a good cold shelf and curly fries (also nice)! And there is coffee available from those places, and the Brooklyn Deli near the Penthouse Cinema.

Things to remember for the first day

For everyone, especially newcomers and trials: please read our Class Guidelines .

School Kids classes: Please bring a clearly named manilla folder (foolscap size is preferable), with a metal fastener (you can bring the folder to class with the fastener already inserted). We have a lot of hand outs for the writing section of the class during the term. Note that folders will remain with the teachers during term time.

You can buy these from

If parents would prefer that NHCC buy these two items for their child, we’ll have an order sheet on Saturday 10th February to write your name down. Please bring $2 cash on the day if you wish to order. Payment must be made on the day.

Those attending a trial: Please confirm via with us within 24 hours of completing your class whether you wish to sign up for the term and/or year, as we are short on class spaces this term and need to finalise student numbers quickly.

Chinese New Year Festival Saturday 17 February, venue info & sign up sheets

This Saturday 10 February, we’ll be handing out info about the next Saturday 17 February class location and will be asking families to sign up to help with the following please:

  • Each family needs to bring a large picnic mat with them for class time. If you have spare, please bring along extra as well.
  • Children to make their own dog mask for wearing (make from scratch, print one out, or ) and dress in either yellow, orange or red. Spot prizes for masks!
  • Four adults to assist as marshals for our section of the Chinese New Year Parade. It is a safety role to basically ensure that the participants/children do not go off course, and that the public do not try getting into the parade or do anything silly that would endanger themselves or the parade participants. The parade moves at good speed and is a mixture of dancers, floats and walking groups.

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