Upcoming job vacancies!

We will be soon looking to fill these roles at Ni Hao Children’s Community charitable trust, a community-based Mandarin Chinese language school for non-native speakers. If you or someone you know may be interested, please contact us or share:

➡️ A part-time School Manager superstar. We need an all-rounder who has excellent communication & customer service skills, and experience with finance, marketing & student admin. Being cloud & tech-savvy is a must (Eg Xero, WordPress, Vimeo, Dropbox, Office365 suite, Mailchimp, MyHR, Zapier, Jotforms).

➡️ 2 to 3 permanent part-time Mandarin Chinese teachers, who are experienced in planning and teaching it as a 2nd/foreign language in an interactive & fun way! They should enjoy working with children from early childhood up to intermediate-high school, and be willing to sing/rap, play and dance with students in class.

➡️ 3 to 5 casual Mandarin Chinese teachers to be part of our on-call relievers pool. They won’t need to lesson plan but will be teaching the NiHaoCC way and provide seamless cover. This may suit tertiary students studying to be teachers.

* Note: While background work is done Monday to Friday, the school provides classes on Saturdays 9am-3pm during NZ school term times, so teachers must be available on Saturdays to work.

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