Term 2 themes

One of our ways of doing things at Ni Hao CC is to learn about everyday things/situations so that the language learning is relevant to the children’s lives or environment around them. It seems redundant to use precious time to teach a vocab word that is not frequently needed and/or used.brushteeth

In Term 2, Preschoolers and Toddlers will be learning in Mandarin about our bodies and caring for ourselves. This will include learning about our body parts (hair on our head, all the way down to our toes), how to care for ourselves (e.g. brushing teeth), and clothing items. imhungry

Term 2 Kids classes will be slightly different as this is the first term we’re running them. The Mandarin language learning will be focused on becoming familiar and confident in introducing ourselves, common expressions (thank you’s, sorry’s, etc), family members and the format of a day. They will also be starting to learn about their body movement and directions: we’re teaching some Ice Age Sid Shuffle ‘hiphop’ dance moves (see video clip below), with the goal being that they can understand and describe/verbalise the actions they are doing, feel comfortable in speaking Mandarin, and while having fun moving to the beat. We will probably continue the same dance onto Term 3, to build up the fluency and confidence, but will see how the children are in Term 1.

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