Making it easy to go to class on Saturdays

takeiteasyFor families who are busy during the week with work or children’s activities, or who live outside the city, the Saturday classes are a handy option 🙂

  1. Free and easy venue parking. We save you from looking for a car park on Saturdays – why not choose from 1 of 50 car parks at our Saturday venue? 😉 Or you could even park the car slightly earlier, and enjoy a coffee, brunch or lunch in town before class?
  2. Completely flat access to classes – easy for buggies and children.
  3. Sports, ballet or sleep-in’s on Saturday mornings? Why not try our afternoon sessions and cruise in after lunchtime?
  4. Do you have children in different age groups? We have sessions running side by side for 0-3 years, preschoolers / 2.5-6 yrs and kids / 6 yrs+.

You can check out our Saturday schedule here.

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