Chinese New Year: Lizzie’s view

Chinese New Year is just around the corner!!! So we thought we’d share our personal experiences and thoughts on Chinese New Year. Everyone does things a little differently! 🙂

From our teacher, Lizzie / Yi:

Yi Lizzie Li photo

During the Chinese New Year, people like to have dinner with their families and watch the Spring Festival Evening show together.

Firecrackers_lit_by_handWith regard to the dinner, in my country (Yunnan province in China), people eat various dishes in the Spring festival evening since it is a really happy time for them. Some people who work far from their home will buy tickets in advance and go back home to celebrate the new year with their families together. So you can see it is a  happy time for family reunion.
Some people play with firecrackers at 12pm that night and at 6 am the day after. It is just a tradition. Not all people do that, our families don’t do that, but some people do.
For younger kids, they might get 红包 ( “hong bao”, a red packet with money in it) from their families.

With regard to the dinner, our family would have fish, chicken, Chinese cabbage soup…. the Chinese cabbage soup includes Chinese cabbage and lots of meat. We make it taste a bit sour. It is delicious for me!! It is a traditional food in my country and every new year we will cook it. I know some people from northern part of China, they would cook dumplings.
One of my friends, she is from Shandong province, she said that the day after spring festival evening, in the early morning (probably at 5am), she would visit her other relatives one by one.

In another few days, we’ll have Chien-Chi sharing her experiences from a Taiwanese angle 🙂

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