A lil’ home for Ni Hao CC (sneak peek)

Ni Hao Children’s Community has found a very wee space right in the middle of Wellington CBD  🙂 We’ll soon be based on Willis Street, a few minutes walk from the Central Library!

The space won’t be able to be used for classes/teaching etc as it is far too small, but as an office, library and resource area for the Ni Hao CC staff (to date, my small living room has been the storage space :P). Depending on what office hours we end up having, families are most welcome to come by to have chat too.

As Ni Hao CC is a non-profit and class fees generally only cover venue hire and the teachers’ time, renting this space has been made possible with the financial support of our donors (not to mention just getting this organisation up and running!).

More news to come with better photos after we have moved in! Very excited about this space, even if quite a cosy one 🙂


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