This Week’s Notices

Office – Li Ling is on family leave on her usual Ni Hao CC days (Thursday and Friday), so there may be a delay in hearing back from her this week.

Tuesday Class – Our new teacher, Becky, will be there watching and pretending to be another student 🙂  She will be eventually taking over Cherry (her last Tuesday class is 26 May).

Wednesday Class – Apologies for all the muddles so far! Classes will be back to running from 3:30 – 4:30pm. This is the second to last week of class with Cherry (her last Wednesday class is 27 May).

Thursday Playgroup – Playgroup is cancelled to give Lizzie a bit more rest (she came down with chicken pox last week!). Watch your mailbox for news about future plans.

Friday Class – Preschoolers class is on! Remember we are now back in the Brooklyn Community Centre Lounge, and the class will now start at 1:45pm and run til 2:30pm. This gives some breathing space between our class and their after school care programme.

Saturday Classes – Toddlers and Preschoolers classes are back on. Our new teacher, Becky, will also be there watching 🙂

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